Convincing Benefits for You to Enroll in a 12 Week Intensive Outpatient Program

A 12-week intensive outpatient program should be your first option on the list of alternatives when you need services of a rehab. The 12-week intensive outpatient program offers not only therapies but also regular drug tests, detox services and follow programs to ensure that the patient does not relapse. Here are the pros of a 12-week intensive outpatient program.

The charges of a 12-week intensive outpatient program are less than those of the inpatient, residential program, among others. You can use insurance for affordability because you will pay less than one who has no insurance. Rehabs understand that not all patients have the financial capacity to raise lump sum hence they have flexible payment plans to ease the burden of payment from the patients.

The 12-week intensive outpatient program offers you a platform to socialize with other people who are in the program. The people that you interact within the program can be you long-term friends in the future. You will meet like-minded people who can build your business ideas, improve your talents and skills to help you develop your careers and so on. When you create friendships in the program, they will be the people to rely upon when you face obstacles that can make you relapse and share experiences that will help you to learn lessons from each other.

Your family is involved in the 12-week intensive outpatient program. If the family of a person who is under rehabilitation is not involved in the programs of the rehab, the person will feel neglected, rejected and side-lied by their family and that will demoralize them from wanting to recover. The therapy enhances communication in the family because the patients are able to talk to their family about the present issues in the family and childhood traumas that have attributed to their addiction. When family members are there for each other in such difficult time like addiction, they grow closer to each other and bond more.

The program is flexible to enable your balance between studies, family and friends, work and other responsibilities with the 12-week intensive outpatient program sessions. The rehab has flexible operating schedules for you to choose to ensure that your schedule will not collide with the appointments of the rehab. Stop the fear that the program will hinder you from meeting your obligations to our loved ones.

You can access the program discreetly. You can keep people from pocking their noses into your affairs by going for a 12-week intensive outpatient program. Book individual therapy sessions privately because this way, you will maintain the image you have in the community and still get help.
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